Shimano IX R 4000 + Shimano Eclipse Telescopic 6'6" 3-4kg

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Shimano IX R 2000 RRP $24.99
Shimano Eclipse Telescopic 6'6" 3-4kg RRP $29.99
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The Shimano Eclipse range of rods are perfect for newcomers to fishing - they're high on performance and quality, but not on price point. 
From spin, boat to surf, these rods can absorb the pressures of those yet to refine their angling techniques. 
Shimano's clear glass tip design blends beautifully with the rest of the blank for added strength and durability, while still retaining bite sensitivity where required

Grip assembly: EVA
Guide type: Ceramic
Reel Seat: Graphite


If you are looking for an Inexpensive rear drag spinning reel, which still offers you high quality build - then the IX Shimano reel Is the one for you. 

The Shimano IX RD series features a simple to adjust rear drag system and a Quick Fire II ball arm, which with a quick back wind you are in position to cast again. This makes the IX RD an ideal reel for kids who are Just taking an interest in fishing. 

The range comes in two sizes and can be used from light to medium harbour work or in freshwater fishing scenarios and also light saltwater applications. 

The IX RD is an affordable reel for family fishing expeditions with the added bonus of Shimano New Zealand's Ten Year Warranty so you can be sure of peace of mind.