Bruni Glock 17 8mm Blank Pistol

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Glock 17 Replica Blank Firing

With its polymer frame, the Glock 17 pistol was considerably lighter in weight had the highest magazine capacity of any other pistol in its class. It did not have any external safety lever, hammer, decocker, or any other operation controls which must be deactivated prior to making the weapon ready to shoot. Still used by many law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The authentic, full sized blank firing reproduction is completely safe for gun collections, handgun training, and theatrical work. It fires extra loud 8 mm blanks in both single and double action. Load the 16 round clip, pull back the slide, and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger!

Construction: Full Metal with plastic grips. 
Magazine Capacity: 11rounds
Comes with bore brush and presentation box.
Made in Italy