Bruni Walther P38 8mm Blank Pistol

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Product Description

Faithful in design to the legendary Walther P38 automatic pistol adopted by the German Wehrmacht during World War II. The double-action P38 replaced the equally famous P08 or Luger as it was more commonly known as the official German sidearm. It continued in use by West German forces long after the war and its double-action first trigger pull and subsequent single-action firing inspired a countless number of modern pistol designs. 

Our authentic, full-sized blank firing reproduction is completely safe for gun collections, handgun training, and theatrical work. It fires extra loud 8 mm blanks in both single and double action. Load the 10 round magazine, pull back the slide, and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger!

This blank firing replica uses 8mm K blank ammunition 
• Top venting
• Full metal with plastic grips
• Everything operates exactly like the real thing
• Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
• Comes with a bore brush and hard case
• Made in Italy.