Zap Cryptic .68 Cal Paintballs x2000

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Product Description

Get in the game! Armed with the Zap Cryptic .68 Calibre Recreational Grade Paintballs, you're ready for anything. Accuracy and shell break is no problem when you fire your marker, and the bright paint is hard to wipe off, so everyone knows you've hit your target! Recommended for Recreational play and a great practice ball for tournament players. Start improving your game play now with this affordable paintball.

• Compatible with .68 calibre paintball markers
• Eco-friendly fill of paintball
• Paintballs shoot straight to aid in accuracy
• Shells break easily upon impact
• Vivid paint resists wiping off
• Oil based with polyethylene glycol
• Choose quantity: 500 rounds (1 bag), 2000 rounds (4 bags per box)