Fiocchi 9mm 123GR FMJ 1000 Rounds + Outdoor Outfitters .30 Cal tin

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Get 1000 rounds for a really good price!
20 x Fiocchi 115gr FMJ ammo RRP $24.99
1 x O/O .30 Cal ammo tin RRP $39.99

539.79 ALL FOR $419!

Fiocchi central fires are designed and manufactured to achieve the best results in all circumstances. Quality and outstanding performance are the results of high technology applied to all steps of the production process and are guaranteed by an exceptional set of skills, commitment, and passion expressed by all operators. A range of products for semi-automatic firearms and revolvers, offering a wide range of loads and bullet geometry, for the most common calibres. 

• Calibre: 9mm Luger
• Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket 
• Bullet Weight: 123 grain
• Velocity: 375 m/s
• Energy: 563 J
• Pressure Max CIP: 2350 bar
• Case Max Length: 19.15 mm
• Cartridge Max Length: 29.69 mm

Features include
- Waterproof
- Lid clamps on tightly.
- Great for tools, ammo and other heavy items.
- Items inside remain safe and dry even when tin is buried
- Hasp installed