Hornady .223 Rem 55gr HP American Gunner

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Shooting, an American tradition. Uphold the heritage of freedom and liberty – American Gunner™ ammunition.
Hornady® introduces new rifle calibers to the already established pistol calibers currently available in the American Gunner™ line of ammunition.
These new rifle options are loaded with match grade hollow point bullets for a broad range of use including self-defense, target shooting as well as varmint and small game hunting.
Made in the USA with premium components, American Gunner™ ammunition combines generations of ballistics know-how with modern components and technology.
Conveniently packaging in 50-count boxes, American Gunner™ rifle ammunition is loaded for precision and performance. Exceptionally accurate, all American Gunner™ ammunition is the perfect choice for ALL shooters.
Hornady® American Gunner™ ammunition – proudly made in the USA!

Rifle ammunition features hollow-point style match bullets for optimum accuracy and a variety of uses.
Propellants are matched to each load to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, volume and consistency from lot to lot.
High quality primers and Hornady® cases combine to deliver consistent shooting in the field 

223 Rem 55 gr HP American Gunner®


Test Barrel (24") Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft-lbs)
MUZZLE 100 200 300 400 500
3240/1282 2802/958 2403/705 2039/508 1710/357 1426/248
Trajectory (inches)
MUZZLE 100 200 300 400 500
-1.50 1.50 0.00 -7.60 -23.60 -51.60