Rossi 8122M .22 Mag

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Product Description

Rossi USA has made a name for itself among consumers as a maker of affordable, quality firearms, though the brand has not traditionally been associated with bolt-action rifles. Rossi’s 8122M is a simple, rugged and functional magazine-fed, rimfire bolt-action chambered in .22 WMR at an attractive price.

This is a few-frills rifle ideal for a variety of applications; the plinker, rancher, small-game hunter and youth shooter will all find much value in this model. There are few rifles that offer greater utility than a bolt-action rimfire, and the .22 WMR chambering adds significant capability to that equation in terms of velocity, range and lethality.

• Calibre: .22 Mag
• Weight: 2.5 kg
• Barrel Length: 18"
• Overall Length: 36''
• Sights: Scope Base
• Safety: Cross-Bolt Safety