Stoney Creek Winter Neck Gaiter

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The winter buff is designed to contour your neck and highest shoulder point so you can tuck under your clothing to lick in body temperature

Key features:
- Contoured to fit around the curve of your neck and higher shoulder point
- Structured fabric to hold it's self up to cover your neck

All camouflage is designed to make you hard to see. But that’s just the table stakes in the world of hunting. The elite hunter is searching for far more. More than just an edge, more than getting close. It’s the ability to have total control over a situation. So you can challenge every aspect of a hunt, take time, reflect, respect and choose. Tuatara® Camo puts you in a zone like no other and takes you closer to your prey than ever before. Closer than you ever dared. Become one with the land. Take your time and choose your next move. Raise the bar, challenge old traditions, embrace your primal instincts and rewrite every definition of the word ‘stealth’.

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