Tikka T3x Lite Veil .308 + Burris BTS 35

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Blend in, never miss. The new Tikka T3x Lite Veil Wideland is the perfect companion for southern forests and open plains.

Wideland pattern is one of the two new camo versions of the Tikka T3x. It is designed to blend perfectly in the darker forest landscapes, like in Finland. The barrel has a Cerakote coating for better durability in different weather conditions. The Tikke T3x Lite Veil Wideland also comes factory threaded with a factory muzzle brake for recoil reduction.


  • Fluted bolt with oversized knob: The rifle’s weight is optimised, thanks to its fluted bolt and barrel.
  • Modular stock: T3x has a new modular synthetic stock that has interchangeable pistol grips, making it possible to modify the angle of the grip. This allows for multiple shooting positions. Additional grips are sold separately. The T3x synthetic stock also has an additional attachment point which allows you to change the width of the stock’s fore-end.
  • Improved Grip: A grip that never slips. The T3x synthetic stock has a new asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that has been specifically designed to give a solid grip in all conditions.
  • New recoil pad: T3x models come with a new recoil pad technology that reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter. The new robust pad allows you to fully concentrate on the accuracy of your shots.
  • Stock noise reduction: Be as silent as the forest. T3x synthetic stocks now have a foam insert within the interior of the rear stock – this lowers the stock-generated noise and can help you keep your target in sight. Not available for models with an adjustable cheek piece.
  • Redesigned ejection port: The new T3x receiver introduces a widened angular ejection port that makes it easier to feed one cartridge at a time.
  • Improved rail attachment: Always keep the target in your sight. The T3x models have extra screw placements on top of the receiver so that you can robustly attach a picatinny rail – even when using larger scopes.
  • Metallic bolt shroud: Robustness and quality go hand in hand. Metallic bolt shroud covers and shields the rear of the bolt body and the firing pin.
  • This extra-strong lug has minimal deformation – even with larger calibers. Compared to aluminium, the steel lug doesn't have strong imprinting qualities that would cause deformation when larger calibers are used.
  • Interchangeable grip


Calibres: .308
Barrel Length: 20"
Barrel Thread: 5/8x24
Magazine Capacity: 4+1 (223), 3+1
Trigger: Single Stage
Stock Material/Finish: Synthetic Veil Wideland Camo
Barrel Finish: Midnight Bronze Cerakote
Overall Length: 40.2"
Weight: 2.9-3.2kg


The Burris Thermal Scopes are packed with features that will help you take night hunting to a whole new level! Offering 4 power zoom, hot track, stadiametric ranging and 5 unique color palettes – this scope is packed with features to help you own the night.


  • 7 color palettes
  • Stadiametric ranging
  • 10 reticle options
  • Hot track
  • Manual and auto NUC
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Adjustable brightness 
  • Intuitive, one-hand operation
  • IP67
  • 2.3-9.2x magnification, 35mm Objective
  • 3.3-13.2x magnification, 50mm Objective
  • Torque Specifications: 60 in-lbs


  • Runs on 18650 Lithium-ion batteries, but will accept (2x) CR123As
  • Acceptable length for batteries is 65-68mm
    • Avoid batteries with a protection circuit as they are typically longer than 68mm.
  • We recommend 3400mAh for max runtime


Magnification: 2.3-9.2x
Resolution: 400x300
Pixel Size: 17
Frame Rate: 50Hz
Focal Length: 35mm F1.2
Focusing: Manual Focus
Visual Angle: 10.7°x8.0°
Digital Zoom: 2x, 4x
Eye Relief: 48mm
Dioptric Compensation: Yes
Screen: 1024x768 Color OLED
Color Palettes: Black hot, white hot, red hot 1, 2, and 3, green hot, blue hot
Adapter/Battery: 1x18650
Working Hours: >3h standard
Mounting Type: Picatinny rail
Weight: 23.2 oz. (660g)
Dimensions: 9(l)x3.5(w)x2.9(h) in. / (230×90×75mm)