Shimano Coltsniper Rockslide Sinking 140mm 56g

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Shimano RockSlide sinking stickbaits are the next 'hot ticket' Item In the Shimano range of lures. RockSlide Stickbaits sink at aproximatley 1 meter per second meaning anglers can target certain depths where predatory species are stalking. Casting these deadly lures in to the wash around rocky outcrops have resulted In numerous snapper over the magical 20lb mark or cast to surface schooling fish like trevally and kahawai and left to sink to midwater has attracted the attentions of kingfish. 

Five colours • 56Grams • 140mm • Owner STX-58 3X ZO-Wire Hooks • AR-C Casting System. 3X Reinforced body for inproved strength • Through-Wire Construction