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Grumpy Fish
- The most technically advanced Kabura-Slider style lure on the planet! Designed in NZ and perfect for Snapper, Kingfish, Gurnard and many other species.

Stressed Fish Imitating Light - Flashes Red/White/Green every second. Simulates the light reflected off a struggling bait fish. Water-activated, proven to stimulate more strikes and lasts more than 70 hours in water.

Fish Scent Dispenser - Fill with your favourite fish-attracting sauce and your bite rate will soar as scent is slowly released behind your lure.

Twin Tail Technology - The straight tail wafts enticingly at speeds less than 1 knot. The curly tail comes alive when the drift is faster. Twin tails add more life to your lure.

Dinner Bells - Add a sound and vibration advantage to your lure and attract more fish.

Hook Positioning Technology - UV reflective hook flies increase drag on hooks and ensure that they are positioned up in the lure skirt, right where the fish are biting! 

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