Black Magic Flipper Jig 100g

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  • A slow pitch metal jig, designed to fall with a wide and sweeping side-to-side movement, and retrieve with an erratic darting action
  • Designed to imitate a wounded baitfish
  • Wide body Japanese style
  • Rigged with 2 x extra strong assists hooks on Kevlar® thread
  • Available in 8 colour combinations, all with high levels of lumo content
  • Our 4 new jigs – Blumo, Fiery Tiger, Pinky and Night Rider, are custom designed with a crackle paint finish
  • You can fire up the lumo on the jigs with our UV Torch
  • Available in 60g, 80g, and 100g


  • Flipper jigs are suitable for both bottom bouncing and mechanical jigging
  • To bottom bounce with Flipper Jigs, you can fish when drifting or at anchor
    • Cast your jig up current to give it time to sink to the bottom before being directly beneath you
    • Once you feel the bottom, wind in 2-3m and then drop it back down again
    • Repeat this process until the jig has moved down the current past your boat
    • Wind in and repeat
  • Designed to catch Snapper, Kingfish and other predatory species