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HVF Nanoplus Graphite Blank
X45: Special carbon fiber material for the improvement of the torsion-resistance. Conventional carbon fibers are always layered in a 90° angle - the new X45 material features a 45° angle and is combined with 0° and 90° layered carbon fibers. This construction makes the rods stronger and more distortion-proof. Despite the increased distortion-proofness the flexibility is maintained.
This implies that X45 rods are not only stronger and cast more precisely, but also support the angler at the presentation of delicate lures and at ending the fight with the fish safely.
X45 offers the perfect balance of strength, control and elasticity.
Braiding-X construction which reinforces the blank and reduces blank twist.
V-Joint: Special spigot joint - the spigot and the blank around the spigot are made of a special, exclusively for DAIWA made BIAS carbon fiber material.
The carbon fibers follow a 45-degree angle, resulting in a smaller carbon fiber demand. The consequence is a slimmer joint and a perfect bending curve
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