H&N Sport Baracuda Power .22

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Product Description

No lead-fouling
Heavy, exceptionally accurate pellet for long ranges. No lead-fouling, improved drive in barrel, no contact with lead thanks to special copper coating (20 % harder than comparable lead pellets). First-class aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Low deformation of pellet. Tight shot groups. Smooth.

Product details
.22 cal.
WEIGHT: 21.14 gr
MIN. MUZZLE ENERGY: 18.5 ft.lbs
BC: 0.044
CONTENT OF TIN: 200 pcs.

Hunting use
Small Game
- Mouse
- Rat
- etc.

Small Bird Game
- Sparrow
- Magpie
- Pigeon
- etc.

H&N introduced this electroplated surface finish for its bullets in the ’90s and it’s been proven effective ever since.
This enhancement produces air gun pellets that are up to 20 percent harder than comparable lead bullets, offering you more piercing power at the same weight. Completely encapsulating the lead core also prevents the formation of lead dust at the muzzle at high speed, and keeps your hands clean as you load.