Fire Maple FMS-118 Hose Cooker

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Product Description

The main structure of Volcano Gas Stove, FMS-118 is made of stainless steel. It is stable and safe.

Unique double preheat tubes and big burner top quickly heats up the gas and provides strong power output. Thanks to the preheat technology it is super efficient.

Big burner makes sure even power output. The design of this stove is concise lightweight and environmentally friendly. Stainless steel supporters are simple but stable and well-made can support big cookers.  

The design allows for gas canisters to be turned upside down to ensure all available fuel is used. 
- Volcano Gas Stove
- Size: Ø 144.6×74.6mm(Ø 75×88.8mm)
- Weight: 146g
- Power: 2990W
- Scope:Extreme Exploration

- High strength Titanium alloy pot supports
- Pre-heat tube technology for cold weather cooking
- Wide burner head for larger pots
- Remote gas control