Stoney Creek Stealth Fly

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Product Description

The Stealth is the extreme lightweight fly designed for those that travel light & fast. Weighing in 485gms (Tarp Weight), this fly will not take up room in the pack meaning you don't need to leave that change of undies at home ever again. Complete with reinforced guy points, reflective guy cord and built in carry bag. Big enough to sleep two at 2.8 x 3.0 m

Tarp Weight:  485grams
Packaged Weight: 620grams 

This product is not seam sealed and liquid seamseal will need to be applied (please see additional info on fabric for more information).

Reinforced corners & tie ups
Reflective guys lines
Guy line holders
Fully bound edges
Pre-Curved Guy lines
Built-in storage bag

40D Nylon 6
Silicone coated outer
3000mm Silicone coated inner
This fabric is not seam sealed and liquid seamseal will need to be applied to make waterproof.

A note on Silicone Nylon:
Stoney use Silicone Nylon or its common name "sil nylon" in the Stealth Tarp. Because its fibres are infused in a coating of silicone, this fabric is both stronger and lighter than traditional tent fabrics. Since silicone is inert, it has the added benefit that it will never mold or mildew. The tight bond between the coating and fabric yarn insures that unlike traditional polyurethane coated fabrics, it will never delaminate. This makes it the premium fabric for lightweight shelters.

The downside is that seam tapes designed to work on polyurethane coated fabrics will not stick to silicone nylon. This requires you hand seal the seams. In order to seam seal silicone nylon, you need a liquid silicone based sealer. The silicone in the sealer will form a permanent bond with the silicone in the fabric. Once seam sealed, your Stealth Tarp will last for years.

Big enough to sleep two at 2.8 x 3.0 m

100% nylon, exclusive of trims
Keep away from naked flame or hot appliances
Dry thoroughly after use and before storage, never store damp
Wipe with damp cloth and warm soapy water to clean