Kel-Tec KSG 12g

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Product Description

The KSG is no ordinary tactical shotgun. Its dual tube magazines hold a dozen 3 inch, 12 gauge shells (plus one in the chamber), with the flexibility of switching between various projectiles. A patented downward ejection system makes it truly ambidextrous, while its 30 inch overall length, 22.5 inch cylinder bore barrel and 7.1lbs of weight make it is as compact as legally possible.

Caliber: 12ga 3”
Weight Unloaded: 6.9lbs / 3.1kg
Magazine Capacity: 6+6+1 (3” shells) OR 7+7+1 (2 3/4" shells)
Overall Length: 30” / 762mm
Barrel Length: 22.5” / 572mm
Trigger Pull: 5lbs / 22N

This shotgun can also be found in other places such as John Wick and Call of Duty: Black ops II