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Little Badger Single Shot rifle cal. .22LR

Chiappa Firearms Little Badger Break Action Rifle is an incredible value for a varmint hunting rifle chambered in .22LR. The Chiappa Firearms Little Badger’s innovative design incorporates the ultra lightweight Wire Frame with Ammo Holder, Front Sight, and a threaded barrel for a deadly accurate, reliable, and lightweight varmint rifle. If you spend anytime plinking or hunting varmints this is an excellent choice.

Single barrel foldable rifle, extremely light for the most comfortable carry. Folds to 16.5" total length. Adjustable rear sight. Available accessories: nylon carry-bag, special cartridge holder.

Specifications and Features:
- .22LR
- 16.5″ Barrel
- Foldable Barrel
- Front Sight, Adjustable Rear
- Threaded barrel for accessories
- 32″ Overall Length
- 3.5 lbs
- Single shot
- Wire Frame Stock with Ammo Holder
- Black Finish