Buffalo River Bipod 6-9" Harris Type Swivel / Pivot

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Product Description

This Buffalo River Bipod is designed for shooting in various positions as the legs adjust from 6 inches to 9 inches. The Bipod fits to your existing sling swivel posts on the rifle and it has fittings so that your sling is then attached to the Bipod Mount. The Bipod is detachable from your rifle by the pressing of a small lever and this just leaves behind as base unit that mounts you rifles sling. The Bipod has a single hand release. The feet on the legs are rubber to reduce noise and prevent damage to any surfaces you place the bipod onto. This is very similar to the famous Harris bipods, folds flat against your rifle when not in use.

Non slip feet
Quality spring system
Tilts, Pivots and Cantors
Swivel kneeling style
Traditional sitting model
Attaches in seconds
Retractable legs with spring-assisted extension