Precision Pro Match Trigger Spring Kit

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Product Description

Fits All:
- Hammerli TAC R1
- HK 416 .22 rifles & pistol models
- Colt M4 .22

*Please note: Replacing the spring isn't easy as the spring have to be under tension when being put back together. We can fit it in store for you for $50*

HK 416 .22 & Colt M4 .22 Match Trigger Spring Kit - Set of 3 Springs
The Match drop-in spring upgrade set will enhance your 22s trigger pull to an even smooth, crisp, and lighter pull that will promote better control, which in turn promotes consistent accuracy. This is accomplished by dropping the trigger pull of your .22 by an average of 3 pounds. Each three part precision calibrated match spring set will deliver consistent force through the entire compression/release cycle to give you a lighter, refined trigger without sacrificing the reliability of your rifle. The high strength aerospace-grade springs are carefully made to ensure that you get consistent energy output every time you pull the trigger. You can also be assured that this spring set up will not degrade the ignition systems reliability

- Reduces trigger pull by 3 +/- Lbs
- Provides a consistent, crisp trigger pull
- Drop in spring kit that requires zero gunsmithing and a breeze to install

Each match spring kit includes the following springs for direct replacement:
- Match trigger return spring
- Match sear pressure spring
- Match hammer spring