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Fallow Deer:
 fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call; fallow fawn call; aggressive sparring rattle; light sparring rattle
Dedicated Fallow Deer sound card with all the calls you would ever require to call in Fallow deer. This card has the same Fallow buck grunt, doe and fawn call as our other Fallow combo cards but with the added buck sparring rattles. Bucks can be aggressive by nature during the rut so what better way to draw in other bucks than to imitate the sound of two bucks fighting/sparring

Red Deer: stag roar; stag roar 2; stag grunt; hind call; fawn call

Red Deer 2: stag basic moan; stag half roar; stag full roar; stag grunts; hind call
The Stag roars on this card are from a younger animal whereas the roars on our Red Deer card are from an older male.

Sika Deer: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; spiker call; fawn call

Sika Deer 2: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; yak yak call; hind/fawn call
Note - The Yak Yak call: This call is very rarely heard but is the sound a stag makes when following a hind or chasing away another stag.

Sika Deer 3: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; spiker/fawn contact call; hind communication call
All NEW recordings. Sika Deer are one of the few deer species that over a period of time can recognise the differences of certain calls. In areas of high hunting pressure this is evident. By introducing NEW calls thiswill improve your chances of success!! Only available for the AJ Caller – new Deluxe and Standard models that take the Yellow sticker sound cards.

Fallow/Rusa combo; fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call; fallow fawn call; rusa stag roar; rusa hind call.

Sambar/Fallow combo: sambar calf call; sambar communication; sambar oestrus call; fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call

Wapiti (ELK): location bugle; bugle; cow mews; estrus cow calls; estrus scream
Because of the very high pitch nature of both the Location bugle and bugle calls we highly recommend using our accessory 8-watt Amplifier for the best result, when using this sound card in our game caller.
Please Note: Elk recordings were kindly supplied to us by two times world Elk calling Champion Joel Turner.  ” Recordings used under license and are the property of Joel Turner, Eatonville, U.S.A”

Whitetail deer: buck trail grunt; adult blat; estrus blat; fawn feeding bleat; alarm distress snort.

Feral Pig: boar & sow mating; two boars fighting; pigs feeding; content pigs; distressed piglet

Feral Goat: adult goat; adult goat 1; adult goat 2; goat in heat; kid goat call

Mallard Duck: hail call; greeting call; clucks & quacks; the paralyser; duck flock

Canadian Geese/ Paradise duck combo
: geese hail call; geese greeting; geese finishing sequence; geese comeback; paradise duck call

Turkey: cluck and purr; cutting; excited yelp; mating yelp; gobble

Upland Gamebird: Cock Pheasant; Quail chi-ca-go call; quail advertisement call; quail assembly call; bob white quail.

Wild Dog
: location howl; 2 - dog location call; 2 - dogs excited howl; predator call 1; predator call 2