Cupped Wing Calls Paradise Shelduck Calls: Whitehead

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Product Description

This call is unlike any other paradise call available in New Zealand!   This call is made to replicate the high pitched 'bleeps' and 'shrills' the can be heard from a mob of parry's when feeding in a paddock.

It is not recommended that this call be used to grab the attention of flying birds all though this does work you have to be careful as this can be an alarm call.  The 'Whitehead' has been designed to add realism to your calling and is ideally paired together with the 'Traditional' call  - together they make an unbeatable combination!

This call requires an amount of back pressure or the right amount of air to be added to run the call correctly and therefore requires some skill from the user to get the best results.

The 'Whitehead' call is made from NZ sourced timber and is combined with a set of cold cast acrylic guts and insert to aid in longevity and durability.


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